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This is my corner of the world wide web.

My website and work is all about illustrating what it means to be a Happy Creative Entrepreneur. It may be a simple message but then again, the world is complicated enough without having to add more confusion into the pot.

I write a blog expressing my thoughts and ideas on creative expression, identifying our own brand of happiness and running a business from home while raising a young family. Many of the illustrations you see here are drawn by me. It is my way of personalising my stories to you.

I offer project management services, advice and motivational support to artists, designers, makers and mumpreneurs with a creative business vision. We work together to make sure that the right dreams come true for you.

I facilitate and teach in-person workshops where we play with art, get messy and hone in on our creative skills. Don’t think you are a creative person? Spend some time with me and I will change your mind.

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