The D word that no one talks about


This is a guest post by Sylvia Chierchia, owner and financial expert at Bountiful Bookkeeping. Click to Facebook share | Click to tweet So you are starting a new business! It’s so exciting. The possibilities seem endless and with so many people throwing the word ‘entrepreneur’ around lately, surely you can be one too, right? After all, you are good at what you do. You really know your craft. You have studied and planned. And all this sounds perfect…..except, there {Read More}

What are you going to spend your money on that will make you feel Awesome?


Click here to FB share | Click here to tweet All of us here have a love-hate relationship with money, some more than others. We work and work and work our butts off in order to exchange our energy and our creations for money. In case you do not realise it by now, money is not your Joy and Happiness. Even with all the blood, tears, sweat and sleepless nights you put into what you do, your ultimate goal is {Read More}

Why your clients are not taking your prices seriously


Click here to share on Facebook | Click here to tweet When you want to be paid for what you are worth, you need to engage with clients that will respect and view your prices fairly. I must admit that this is not always an easy thing to do. One too many times, all of us have been guilty of setting prices that were influenced by inadequate experience, lack of confidence or external distractions. Your aim as someone who is {Read More}

Do you have a plan for your business expenses?


This is a guest post by a lovely friend of mine Jodi Leong. Jodi is the creator and business owner of her own natural skincare range, JOLI. Jodi understands what it is like to be start a business with limited funds so her blog post below should help you allocate those funds wisely. When starting up a business one of the things you need to factor in are your expenses. What immediate funds do you have available? How are you {Read More}

Are you setting an income goal that lifts you up or makes you drown?


When you set an income goal, naturally you want to get results. You want to set a goal that is so clearly defined and highly desirable that you can’t help but want to work towards it. If you have not done so, write down your income goal – the amount of money which you would like to earn from your business. (This sets the direction on where your business should be heading and also highlights the value of efforts you {Read More}